5 Different Types of Gamblers – Which One Are You?

When you enter a casino, you will see many different kinds of people. Most of them will probably look the same and there will be nothing about them that stands out – until you pay attention to their behavior and the way they handle themselves. It is widely agreed that there are five main types of gamblers. These types are basically based on why people gamble and how they behave.

Professional gamblers – These are the guys you see on the television. They focus on the skills of gambling and make use of techniques and skill to beat the odds. Professional gamblers generally use gambling as their main source of income and they take it very seriously.

Serious gamblers – These guys are, well, serious. You will spot them as the intense and very focused players at a table. They are more interested in the game than the atmosphere or the experience. They like the risk and adrenaline that gambling brings.

Social gamblers – These guys seek the energy and excitement that a Situs judi online casino offers. Social gamblers gamble purely for recreational purposes and to just have some fun and connect with like-minded people. They will usually be around tables where there are a lot of people. They are social, having fun, and simply want to enjoy the guilty pleasures that come with gambling.

Conservative gamblers – These guys are much like social gamblers as they simply gamble for the experience and not necessarily the winnings. They are, however, very aware and cautious of their budget and they will bet small and with caution. It is very unlikely that a conservative gambler will bet high or take a huge risk that may cost them.

Compulsive gamblers – These guys are the ones that generally need help to address a gambling addiction. They are only interested in playing the next game. They will keep playing regardless of whether they have the money or not. They often turn to illegal activities to keep gambling.

Which one of these gamblers are you? See if you can spot these guys the next time you visit the casino to have some fun.