Welcome to NWT! Here you will have lots of fun and learn a lot of helpful information about gambling and how to improve your odds at winning. This is a blog for all the beginner gamblers and even the die-hard ones will find some entertainment here. We aim to please.

NWT is a blog focused on gambling and how we can make the gambling experience enjoyable for everyone. We promote responsible gambling and encourage anyone who knows of someone who may have a problem, to seek help.
Our contributors are from all over and they are coordinated by Nancy Oliveras the lady behind the blog. She knows her stuff and she makes sure that all our readers have some helpful tips to help their game. Gambling should be a fun and social activity and possibly offer the chance of winning a few dollars. And that is what we want to help you with.

You will find great articles with tips on how to choose the right slot machine, when to fold, how to read someone’s bluff, and how to recognise different types of gamblers and much more. The tips and information we share have been tested and/or researched and will most likely work, but we cannot guarantee anything.